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Adore Your Wardrobe
Courses, Products, & Memberships

Adore Your Wardrobe’s purpose is to make every woman feel loved and worthy, allowing them to live out their lives fully in their everyday circle of influence.

Adore Your Wardrobe’s vision is to help all women feel confident, beautiful, and empowered by teaching them body-symmetry formulas that are based in math and science. We do this through a wide range of courses, memberships, and products. 

Adore Your Wardrobe Signature Course

The first Adore Your Wardrobe Course is called “Signature”. This course teaches the foundations behind Adore Your Wardrobe’s Three-Legged Fashion Stool through formulas based on math and science. It will radically transform the way you think about clothes, how you put outfits together, and how you shop for your unique body. It includes …

  • Seven instructional and informative lessons, plus four bonuses which include videos, written lessons, visual examples, and worksheets.
  • Lesson #1: Getting Personal With Measurements
  • Lesson #2: Discovering Your Unique Body Type and Your Illusion of Balance Goal
  • Lesson #3: The Importance of the Right Foundations
  • Lesson #4: Jeans – How to Find A Pair You Love
  • Lesson #5: Anatomy of a Shirt – The Perfect Necklines & Shirts
  • Lesson #6: Rule of Four – The Formula for Accessorizing
  • Masterclass: Discovering the Right Colors To Wear
  • Bonus: Maximizer Your Wardrobe Planner
  • Bonus: Tailoring 101
  • Bonus: How To Shop Online Like A Pro
  • Bonus: Create A Wardrobe You Adore
  • Brands We Adore, Volume 1. Receive a list of the best brands and styles of clothing compiled from all the past Adore Your Wardrobe students.
  • Six and a half weeks of personal one-to-one mentoring from Kelly and her trained team. You can hone your skills, get advice and recommendations, and receive outfit feedback inside of the PRIVATE Community Group.

Adore Your Wardrobe Signature is open for registration up to four times per year in January, April, June, and September.

Adored Monthly Membership

Adored is a monthly membership that begins after Signature which is equal parts community and education. Adored helps women refine their style, master the three-legged fashion stool (clothes that work with your body – not against it, that fit, and are in your style), and be exposed to high-level concepts through continuing education.

Membership includes …

  • Seven continuing education courses. (Available to Adored Members only.)
  • Advanced: Get your master’s degree in dressing your body by learning about shorts, ankle pants, blazers, skirts, and dresses. Plus, you’ll be introduced to two tools for achieving horizontal balance – Color 201 and Advanced Rule of Four. 
  • Color 301: Learn about color weight, pattern mixing, and color harmonies and how they work with your unique body type.
  • Hair & Makeup: Be empowered to pick the right haircut, makeup, and skincare so you are flattered from head to toe.
  • Shoes & Accessories: Understand which kinds of accessories flatter your face shape (and body type), as well as which shoes will work best with an outfit.
  • Advanced Rule of Thirds: Learn about the Golden Spiral and how it works with Color 201 to create vertically balanced outfits.
  • Wear Your Wardrobe: Learn to optimize your clothes for your lifestyle while developing a wardrobe goal to use as a filter inside your own wardrobe.
  • Style Your Wardrobe: Learn how to define your style through words, clothes, and images, as well as how to create outfits that express your personal style.
  • Six Seasonal Fashion Guides By Body Type. Take the guesswork out of “Is this right for my body or not?” and keep your wardrobe current with our seasonal fashion guides that are released in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.
  • Access to the INSIDERS meetings. Watch and learn with Kelly and her team during these monthly meetings with amazing other benefits.
  • AYW Boutique Yearly Sale – Early Access. Once a year, I’ll be selling items from the Boutique at rock-bottom prices. You’ll get access to the coupon code for this sale before anyone else. (Available to Adored Members only.) 
  • Continued support from Kelly and the BTEs in a private Community Group. You can continue to hone your skills, get advice and recommendations, and receive feedback.

Adored Membership is available to graduates of AYW Signature.

Want to become an ADORED Member? Contact support@adoreyourwardrobe.com for more information.

Seasonal Fashion Guides By Body Type

Ever wish you could find a recommendation for an entire outfit for your body type? Adore Your Wardrobe produces four seasonal buying guides by body type every year with complete outfits (from head to toe) in different clothing categories (from athleisure to date night and all the casual in between.)

Use these guides to create new outfits from items you already have, add completely new outfits, or fill holes in your current wardrobe. This guide is equal amounts of inspiration and buying guide.

(Access to the Seasonal Fashion Guides is part of the Adored Membership for no additional cost but non-members can purchase either ala carte or as an annual pass. Details will be provided in your email newsletter prior to the release of each guide.)

Insiders Monthly Meetings

Insiders is a monthly meeting where Kelly and the team discuss different fashion-related topics via a 60-minute LIVE presentation with Q&A via a Zoom webinar. In addition to the presentation, Insiders members receive other rotating monthly benefits like complete outfits by body type with shopping links, seasonal trend information, try-on sessions by body type, early access to certain guides, extra training videos, printable worksheets, and much more.

(Access to Insiders is part of the Adored Membership for no additional cost, but non-members can subscribe for an additional cost.)

Not an Insider? Click HERE to join!